Book Recommendations: Light Chick Lit Reads

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I love reading! Well, no shit. I’m a writer. I think.

But seriously, is there any writer out there who doesn’t love to read? At all? I’d sure love to meet one.

Because everyone knows that with writing comes reading. It is through reading that, we, writers draw inspiration to write. It’s how we improve our craft. Right?

And as an avid reader, my favorite genre is Action/Thriller/Espionage. Case in point: more than half of my Kindle ebooks comprise of that genre. The rest? Chick Lit.

They make for a light, funny read when I’m not in the mood to get my adrenaline going. Besides, I’m currently writing a chick lit novel which I’m publishing chapter by chapter on Wattpad.

That said, here are my recommendations on good chick lit books:

1. Unbreakable Bond and Secret Bond by Gemma Halliday

A female James Bond on a domestic espionage? Yes, please. If you love a smart, independent, and strong-willed heroine like me, this series is right up your alley. Ten bucks says you’ll get hooked before you even finish the first book.

2. Carpe DiEmily by Riley J. Ford

Maybe you’re the organized type who wants to loosen up and live a little? Perhaps you’re itching to cross off all the items in your bucket list but don’t know how? Then this book is for you. Just don’t blame me when you find yourself laughing while reading it.

3. The End of Me and The End of Games by Tara Brown

These are not so light. But for the fans of erotic romance novels like Fifty Shades of Grey (which I’m not a fan of), these books are a real treat. Hardcore sex? Check. Profanities? Check. Hunky protagonists? Check.

Compelling action/thriller/espionage plot unlike Fifty Shades of Grey? Check, check, check!

4. Elusive, Secretive, and Deceptive by Sara Rosett

Maybe you believe that love is sweeter the second time around. Perhaps you’re considering getting your ex back. Then you’ll love this series. Also, it’s another light action/espionage/whodunit treat.

CONFESSION TIME: I enjoyed reading the books as much as I had a good time dreaming about the male protagonist for three days straight (I’m a hopeless twenty-something. Leave me alone!).

5. The Hot Girl’s Friend by Lisa Scott

Who says only the hotties get the man? Definitely not the author of the story. Story, not novel. Because this one’s a short story. I actually managed to devour it for only ten minutes. Best ten minutes of my day. I watched an American Horror Story 3 episode that day so that’s saying something.

Now this short is a part of Lisa’s Flirts collection of romantic short stories. And dare I say, it’s the best one yet. Well, at least for me.

Since I love reading chick lit, expect another list of recommendations on this genre (and other genres for that matter) in the future.

Now, for some shameless plugging (because that’s how I roll), the Chapter 2 of my novel is finally out. So if you feel like wasting your time, feel free to check it out.

Lacey’s Murder Case (A Lacey Thompson Humor Mystery) Chapter 2:

It was real bad apparently. By the time the office hours ended, I was so sleepy and tired that I could barely drag my feet toward the parking lot where my Prius was parked. As it turned out, helping Jessica organize her files was one thing, teaching her how to do it was another. Who knew teaching someone a simple computer command could last a day? Definitely not me. I think it’s safe to say that she drained the last of my energy.

I was practically slouched on the steering wheel, about to doze off, when the cell inside my handbag rang. Not bothering to raise my head, I reached for it and hit the answer key without taking a look at the screen….. Read more here!

Other parts:

For the Prologue, click here!
For Chapter 1, click here!
For Chapter 3, click here!


3 thoughts on “Book Recommendations: Light Chick Lit Reads

  1. I love reading too. I’ve always got a book handy, wherever I go. Once I finish a book, I’ve already got the next one nearby. It’s an addiction. I love true crime mostly, but will also read crime fiction. I’ve been known to read a chick book too. Thanks for your recommendations! I will definitely check some out.

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