A Day In The Life Of A Writer

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Day: Tuesday
Date: January 7, 2014

10:35 AM Dollar sat on my face, rudely interrupting my date with a guy who could give Ian Somerhalder a run for his money.

10:36 AM Quick cuddle with my dog. Smiled into space, recalling the hot date vividly. Realized it was just a dream. Smile deflated.

10:40 AM Checked e-mails. Client A hadn’t paid for the work done yet. It’s been 24hours. Felt a sense of panic (read: Paranoia). Did something bad happen to Client A? Hoped not. There are still bills to pay.

11:00 AM Dragged my feet out of bed.

11:20 AM Took a bath and changed into pajamas AKA the most comfortable work clothes ever (ah, the beauty of working from home). Sat on my table and fired the laptop up. Time to work!

11:22 AM But not until I got my usual caffeine shot…. and breakfast. Breakfast is good.

11:40 AM Right. Work. Hey, what’s that? Facebook Friend broke up with her boyfriend?

11:55 PM Apparently, Boyfriend cheated on Facebook Friend. Tsk.

11:56 PM Definitely working now!

4:00 PM Done with the first workload. Yay, productivity! Client B would be proud.

4:01 PM Break AKA lunch-slash-afternoon snack. Time to check Twitter. Saw a relevant tweet from a reputed news site. Pressed retweet. Felt good for coming off as a smart, no-nonsense Twitter user.

4:15 PM PayPal notification. Client A paid. Let out a sigh of relief.

4:17 PM Realized haven’t updated Client C’s blog yet.

4:18 PM Back to work! Client’s blog update shouldn’t take long. Thirty minutes tops.

4:42 PM Nine year old roommate came home from school. Snapped at her for interrupting me from watching a funny YouTube video of a dreaming dog.

4:44 PM Still pissed. One does not simply get interrupted when watching a funny dog video.

6:59 PM Finally finished updating Client C’s blog. Cursed YouTube for having too many funny dog videos.

7:00 PM Realized I haven’t seen the outside world for two full weeks.

7:01 PM Decided that an ATM withdrawal and grocery-shopping was in order.

7:02 PM Realized that sun was out. Felt relieved that I could do my errands inconspicuously. Realized I sounded smart when I said “inconspicuously” out loud. Laughed at my own shallowness.

7:02 PM Dollar gave me a funny look from my bed. I ignored her. What did she know? She’s a dog.

7:15 – 8:00 PM Smiled at fellow grocery-shoppers. Said a hearty “thanks” to the cashier. My social life in a nutshell.

8:15 PM Home. Done grocery shopping. P750 poorer.

8:21 PM Realized it was time to pay the internet bill. P1,750 poorer.

8:22 PM And the cable. P2,600 poorer.

8:25 PM Mom heard I took a trip to the ATM booth. P4,100 poorer.

8:26 PM Checked wallet. Barely a hundred pesos left. Cursed poverty and capitalism.

8:30 PM Rest is for the weak. Ditched laptop, left the bedroom for the waiting couch, and settled for a more eye-friendly device: iPod Touch. Added Chapter 13 to a ghost written novel while watching TV.

8: 40 PM Reminded anyone who would listen to feed the dogs

10:00 PM Dinner!

10:20 PM Back to couch. Polished Chapter 13 to a T. Client A would be happy.

10:21 PM I think.

12:00 AM Decided I would sleep earlier than usual. Prepped for the night and went to bed.

12:10 AM Brain suddenly recalled an embarrassing memory. Felt a surge of humiliation. Realized it happened five years ago.

12:15 AM Still thinking about the memory. Still feeling embarrassed.

12:16 PM Decided a good book makes for a good distraction. Browsed through Amazon.

12:20 PM Decided that the night called for an action/thriller. Clicked “Buy Now with 1-Click” without a second thought. It was free.

6:15 AM Sun was starting to show up. Done reading the book.

6:16 AM Closed Kindle app and logged on to Twitter. Did a screen shot of the book cover and tweeted:

Spent the whole night devouring this book. All 4329 pages of it! Haha #beast

6:17 AM Felt proud of the accomplishment

6:18 AM Decided it was time to sleep. Good night, beautiful world!


“That’s the thing about writers. We lead an interesting life… At least inside our heads.”

*I haven’t finished writing the 8th chapter of Lacey’s Murder Case yet. Will update this post with the link in the next few days!*


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