On Hold!!!


“Writing a mystery novel is easy,” they said. “Progressing the plot is no sweat,” they said.

Kidding. Nobody said that.

But I thought it was.

When I started the Lacey’s Murder Case, I thought I had the plot figured out. After all, it’s kind of formulaic and not a hard-boiled mystery (although I’m dreaming of writing one in the future).

But then, a week ago, I found myself stuck in Chapter 8. As you can see in my previous post, I put a note at the end that the said chapter was still in the writing process.

Well, it still is. No, scratch that. My ongoing novel is currently in the writing process. I figured I couldn’t progress the plot, having just realized the importance of having an outline in place. The truth is, I’m just winging it and making things up as I go along.

I know, bad writer. Bad bad writer.

That’s why I decided to put the publish-every-week thing on hold and focus on progressing the plot and making a few revisions here and there – following an outline this time – before I continue publishing in Wattpad again.

Then, in a month or so, expect that Lacey would be back with a vengeance. By then, I’d have finished writing 5 or 7 chapters just waiting to be published, all revised and polished.

At least, I hope.


“The deepest failures any fiction writer is likely to have are failures of not quite comprehending the truth of the story that he or she is telling.” — Richard Russo


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