Last Book Syndrome

Ever read a book so good the story stays with you even after reading five more? It sucks, doesn’t it?

Or maybe it’s just me. I don’t know. I’m conflicted. Don’t ask.

This author writes so good it makes me want to curl up like a baby and cry about my mediocrity. I suppose it happens to the best of us…

No? Just me?

Oh well.

Seeing that there are so many fantastic writers out there, my future would probably be spent reading good books after good books, suffering from one Last Book Syndrome to another.

I’d probably blow off my savings (hahaha savings) on Amazon and obsessively fill up my Kindle app with ebooks.

Or, If not ebooks, I’d be buried deep in piles of paperbacks and hardcovers that you’d need a crane to retrieve me from it. Alive but with no life to speak of.

Depressing, I know.

Whatever. The only way I’ll get over the Last Book Syndrome is by reading more books. Lots and lots of it.

What, did you honestly think I’ll finally crawl out of my book cave and stop reading altogether? That’s as likely as me losing 10 lbs. in a week.

Yep, not gonna happen.


Teach Me How to Date (A Chick Lit Novel) Chapter 3 is out!

The following morning I woke up to Dollar licking my arm. I let out a big yawn, my eyes still half-closed. Smiling lazily, I pulled her closer. “Morning, baby girl. Did you have a good night sleep?”

She responded by licking my cheek.

I half-groaned, half-laughed. “Dollar, don’t be gross. But yes, me too.” 

I sat up and stretched my arms, then glanced at the digital alarm clock on my bedside table….Read more here!



“I love books. I like that the moment you open one and sink into it you can escape from the world, into a story that’s way more interesting that yours will ever be.”  — Elizabeth Scott


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