Last Book Syndrome

Ever read a book so good the story stays with you even after reading five more? It sucks, doesn’t it?

Or maybe it’s just me. I don’t know. I’m conflicted. Don’t ask.

This author writes so good it makes me want to curl up like a baby and cry about my mediocrity. I suppose it happens to the best of us… Continue reading


New Year’s Resolutions, You Say?

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Did you have a blast welcoming 2014? I sure did.

Now with a new year comes a list of New Year’s “Are They Realistic Or Not” Resolutions. I actually stopped writing mine years ago. When I was still serious (LOL) and determined (LOL) to work on achieving them.

Because if truth be told, of all the resolutions I’ve written, I only always managed to cross off one or two items on the list. Can’t blame a girl for trying, amirite? Continue reading

Just in case I’m too busy being lazy on Christmas Eve

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“Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn’t come from a store.”

                                                                               — Dr. Seuss


Whad’ya know? Chapter 6 is out!

Lacey’s Murder Case (A Lacey Thompson Humor Mystery) Chapter 6:

I’m not going to tell you that Jessica took it lightly. Because she didn’t.

In fact, after I told her about the call, she looked at me with judging eyes. Like I confessed to a heinous crime. Well, I couldn’t really blame her.

The love of her life was found dead. And most likely killed by a mysterious murderer. Who presumably made that call. That I stupidly dismissed.

Boy, it sure did suck to be me right now….Read more here!