Of New Year’s Resolutions And 2015

Image from humansareweird.com

Image from humansareweird.com

2014 had been a good year. It might not had been a great one but it was generally a better year than 2013 and the previous years. And for that, I’m grateful.

Last year, like the previous years before that, I made a list of new year’s resolutions. Of the six, I only managed to cross of three, and they’re not even the important ones. Continue reading


On Hold!!!


“Writing a mystery novel is easy,” they said. “Progressing the plot is no sweat,” they said.

Kidding. Nobody said that.

But I thought it was.

When I started the Lacey’s Murder Case, I thought I had the plot figured out. After all, it’s kind of formulaic and not a hard-boiled mystery (although I’m dreaming of writing one in the future).

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That Writer’s Separation Anxiety

Image from Emergingwritersfestival.org.au

Image from Emergingwritersfestival.org.au

You know that bittersweet feeling you get when you finished a project that you’ve been working on for weeks? Months even?

Bitter, because it’s over. Sweet, because you can finally move on the next one.

But what the hell, right? It’s just a project. You map it out. You do it. You check for errors. Then finish it. Voila! You’re done.

But what if you became emotionally invested in the said project? What if you fell in love with the characters involved in it? The characters you wrote yourself. The characters you can only hope that you crafted well, flawed as they may be. The characters that you have to say goodbye to. And don’t get started with the plot.

Weird, right? Like you need to give people another reason to think that writers are cray-cray. Like you didn’t have enough quirks and eccentricities to deal with.

But you feel it just the same. You feel sentimental. Possessive even.

But you have to finish it and let go. Because you know every story has an end. And it’s time you give yours.

But maybe, just maybe, you can hold on a little longer. Until it’s time to set it free…

Now, for another shameless plugging, Chapter 3 is out!

Lacey’s Murder Case (A Lacey Thompson Humor Mystery) Chapter 3:

The following morning, I pulled up in front of my office building with ten minutes to spare. A little earlier than my usual schedule. Partly to make up for my being late yesterday and partly because I had a good night’s sleep, despite the interruption of an unwanted visitor. So good I hadn’t got the time to think about my dad’s proposal. Well, it wasn’t like time was running out or anything, right? Besides, it’s probably best to give myself a few more days to think it over. Especially when my job was involved…..Read more here!

Other parts:

For the Prologue, click here!
For Chapter 1, click here!
For Chapter 2, click here!

Hey, I’m Back!!!

Image from RunningTips101.com

Image from RunningTips101.com


Hello there! It’s been a couple months since my last post. Crazy, right?

Well, what can I say? I won’t be a lazy writer for nothing. Kidding. I’ve been really busy these past few months. It’s not easy being a virtual assistant and freelance writer at the same time. Okay, throw procrastination into the mix. And you’ll get blogging hiatus.

Hopefully, I’ll be back to regular blogging from here on out. But I’m not promising anything (see the lazy writer reference). I’ll do my best.

Anyway, so much has happened while I was M.I.A.

On a wider scale, Philippines isn’t so lucky this year. There’s the biggest corruption scandal, devastating earthquake, and the recent super typhoon Haiyan that wrecked havoc on some parts of our country. Truly heartbreaking, that one.

On a not so wider scale, I finally managed to publish the first Chapter of the novel I’ve been writing for months (Yay me!). Just the first chapter because I’m taking my sweet time to edit the rest and due to the fact that I’m publishing it through Wattpad. Hopefully, it’s one step closer to publishing on Kindle.

Here’s the synopsis….

The Murder Case (A Lacey Thompson Humor Mystery)

Who knew dismissing a phone call as a prank was the biggest mistake a person could make? Lacey Thompson was about to learn this lesson the hard way. Driven by guilt that it’s her fault why her boss was killed, Lacey took it upon herself to solve the mystery murder.

Now Lacey must step out of her comfort zone and venture into the trail of a mysterious killer, all the while crossing a few things off her to-do list:

• Deal with a capricious and uber sensitive father

• Dodge a crazy ex-boyfriend

• Ditch a dumb sidekick wannabe

• And convince the hot homicide detective that it was a murder case, not suicide.

Sounds like a good plan….

But could she find out who the killer was before the killer learns what she’s up to?

You can read it here: http://www.wattpad.com/story/9797177-the-murder-case-a-lacey-thompson-humor-mystery

If you want separate parts:

For the Prologue, click here!
For Chapter 1, click here!
For Chapter 2, click here!
For Chapter 3, click here!

Let me know what you think. But just so you know, it’s my first published work. So go easy on me, k?

Kissing Scenes And Love Scenes

Image from Telegraph.co.uk

Image from Telegraph.co.uk


Could a kissing scene leading to the love scene be this simple?

She kissed him. He kissed her back. They had sex.

See? Really simple.

But no. You have to make it romantic, passionate, believable. In short, you need to squeeze every ounce of creativity inside you to churn out the right words for that scene.

You have to write each movement like it mattered.

And the feelings. Yes, the feelings.

But hey, maybe that last smooch session you had could count as an inspiration. First hand experience rocks, right? *Wink, wink*

Ah, love scene. That bloody, tricky scene.

The first time I wrote a love scene, I felt like some sort of voyeur, watching a couple go at it inside my head. I had to make the words and phrases believable.

Which means the made-up scene I mentally played had to be vivid, clear, life-like. Like they’re practically in front of me.

I’m pretty sure that the love scene I put into paper went past romantic and ended up as a creepy, borderline porn scene.

Love scene =  my least favorite part to write

Maybe I need to get some pointers from E L James?


Let me get back to you on that.