Oh For The Love Of Coffee!

Image from Hoffbauer.us

Image from Hoffbauer.us


Ah, coffee.

How do I even begin to express my love for coffee? I’m actually enjoying a hot mug of coffee as I write this.

I love my coffee hot than cold, then served with a teaspoon of sugar and milk.

I regard every morning as the perfect time to drink coffee. Okay, let me rephrase that: I regard any time of the day as the perfect time to drink coffee.

Now that’s better.

Because really, how can you write and churn in work without a cup of good coffee to keep you going?

Guess that’s why I love this insanely addictive beverage. Because it gives me the inspiration to write. Well aside from the delicious aroma that makes me want to grab a book, sit beside the window, and drink coffee to my heart’s content.

I swear there’s something about it that screams “Drink me, bitch!”

Guess if coffee’s a drug then I’d be a drug addict. Because a day without coffee means a day of zero productivity. Just ask my writing projects and still unfinished novel. Better yet, ask my mom.


I wonder why..

Oh well, I guess I’ll never know.

Now, excuse me as I help myself with another cup of coffee.