Adverbs Schmadverbs

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Adverb is not your friend, they said. Use it only when needed, they said.

Oh but I love Adverbs. Passionately. Irrevocably. Undeniably.

Because they make the dialogue more vivid and the description more, well, descriptive.

She glanced at the pair of brightly colored birds on the sidewalk, happily pecking away at the scattered bread crumbs.


But as the Teenage Writer puts it:

Because, while they are useful, they often clutter prose. The two things that drive your prose are your verbs and your nouns. Those must be as good as they can be. Too often we rely on adverbs and adjectives to help “move” our prose along, making the verbs and nouns weak. 

Crap. Guilty as charged on the last part.

Fine then. From now on, I’ll use Adverbs sparingly……

Oh wait.