Kissing Scenes And Love Scenes

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Could a kissing scene leading to the love scene be this simple?

She kissed him. He kissed her back. They had sex.

See? Really simple.

But no. You have to make it romantic, passionate, believable. In short, you need to squeeze every ounce of creativity inside you to churn out the right words for that scene.

You have to write each movement like it mattered.

And the feelings. Yes, the feelings.

But hey, maybe that last smooch session you had could count as an inspiration. First hand experience rocks, right? *Wink, wink*

Ah, love scene. That bloody, tricky scene.

The first time I wrote a love scene, I felt like some sort of voyeur, watching a couple go at it inside my head. I had to make the words and phrases believable.

Which means the made-up scene I mentally played had to be vivid, clear, life-like. Like they’re practically in front of me.

I’m pretty sure that the love scene I put into paper went past romantic and ended up as a creepy, borderline porn scene.

Love scene =  my least favorite part to write

Maybe I need to get some pointers from E L James?


Let me get back to you on that.