Of New Year’s Resolutions And 2015

Image from humansareweird.com

Image from humansareweird.com

2014 had been a good year. It might not had been a great one but it was generally a better year than 2013 and the previous years. And for that, I’m grateful.

Last year, like the previous years before that, I made a list of new year’s resolutions. Of the six, I only managed to cross of three, and they’re not even the important ones. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions, You Say?

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Did you have a blast welcoming 2014? I sure did.

Now with a new year comes a list of New Year’s “Are They Realistic Or Not” Resolutions. I actually stopped writing mine years ago. When I was still serious (LOL) and determined (LOL) to work on achieving them.

Because if truth be told, of all the resolutions I’ve written, I only always managed to cross off one or two items on the list. Can’t blame a girl for trying, amirite? Continue reading