Of Laziness And Writing


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“Ohmigod, Madz! You’re so lazy!”

“Ohmigod, will you shut up?”

Basically, that’s me and my conscience arguing. But before you freak out and start screaming “Crazy bitch!” at me, let me just clarify that I don’t normally talk to myself out loud. So I guess it’s safe to say that I still haven’t crossed that one line which separates sanity from full-on frenzy. Yet.

But that’s already bordering to Too Much Information kind of charter so let’s not discuss it again.

The point is, no matter how annoying my conscience could get, it’s still telling the truth. The truth that keeps smacking me in the face: I’m 110% lazy. Something I’ve come to terms with ever since I started my writing career.

You’d say procrastination. I’d say laziness. But fuck it. This is my blog.

So in honor of my laziness, I decided to start blogging again. Kidding. I created this blog so I have an excuse to return to blogosphere. Which I have been putting off for a long time in favor of being lazy.

Minus the guilt trip, laziness can be a lot of fun. Especially when it allows me to creep up on that random Facebook friend who has the habit of taking her relationship woes to social media. Or how it gives me the privilege to stay up-to-date to two strangers’ ongoing Twitter War. Did I mention I’m such a gossip too? No wonder I barely get things (read: writing) done every week. That’s how hopeless my case is.

But as they say, “Some good things never last.” That said, I decided to bid my laziness ado. Though it’s still debatable whether I could stick to it or not.

Until I’m done writing my chick lit novel perhaps?

Anyway, how does “Productivity A Day Challenge” sound?

Hahah. I’ll keep you posted.


The Lazy Writer