That Bloody POV

Image from FuelYourWriting.Com

Image from FuelYourWriting.Com


It’s that part of the writing process again. You’ve already set the plot in motion. You already have your characters in place. One thing’s left to decide on: the story’s POV.

Every writer who write short stories, novels, or any type of prose knows this. The narrative point of view is essential to convey the plot to the readers.

Because really, how are we supposed to move the story forward without using a character POV?

I don’t know about you. But I prefer to use the first person narration than the third person view. Don’t get me wrong. Third person narration is pretty cool too. In fact, I use it in my ghostwriting projects.

But there’s something about the first person view that allows me to connect to the character on a more personal level. Like the character and I are one and the same. Like I’m actually living their life.

Which is depressing. Because my life is nowhere near their life’s level of coolness.

But depressing or not, that’s one of the best aspects of being a writer. You can create your own world, weave magical stories, and give birth to interesting and multi-faceted (read: bipolar) characters.

Ah, pure joy…

Or it’s just really depressing.

Though whatever POV I use, I tend to put a little of myself into the characters I write. Especially the female ones. So if you ever come across a couple books with crazy, paranoid, OC, and anthropophobic characters, I’ve probably ghostwritten them.

So what about you? Which POV do you prefer?